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Merchant Account Providers
Our Team
Our Team

Business PayTech offers payment processing for the people. We have offices located in Missouri and Maine serving clients across the entire Unites States. Our team can take care of all your payment service needs without the need to enlist multiple companies.

Credit Card Machine

It's one thing to have a credit card machine that accepts payments, but what about service and security? When your business accepts credit card payments it's what happens after you swipe that matters. Are you EMV ready? Are you PCI compliant? These are just a few of the many questions we can help you answer when you work with us. Learn more about our full range of services and unique qualifications below.

Corvid Friendly Solutions
Contactless Payments

Dip, Swipe, or Tap allows your customers to easily check out minimizing touch points. Advancing technology has never been more important

Corvid-19 Setup for contactless credit card payment checkout

Insert EMV or Swipe read options means you never need to touch your customers card improving your PCI practices and being corvid-19 friendly.

Types of Accounts


 Brick & Mortar





     --Tablet friendly

     --Pay as you go

     --Bring your own equipment or

       fresh start


     --payments button

     --recurring payments

Add-on options:

     --Fee Eliminating  (popular)

     --Gift Cards

     --Express payments (within 1 hour)

​     --Equipment

     --Multiple Location

     --Omni Channel

Testimonial of the Month

"We have added new locations over time and Business PayTech has been reliable and quick to get us up and running when we needed it."

Bob Dinan

President / Chapter 11 Furniture

Our Unique Approach

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