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Cash Discount Credit Card Processing

Streamline Your Processes

Premier Credit Card Account Services

At Business PayTech, cash discount credit card processing is our specialty. With our innovative approach to payment processing, we aim to provide businesses with the highest quality payments services.

Businesses of all sizes have to deal with taking payments on a daily basis, whether it’s through credit cards, cash, or checks. While money is an essential part of any successful business, the process of collecting payment can often be tedious and complicated. Here at Business PayTech, we believe that streamlining and simplifying your credit card processing can help your business run more smoothly and, most importantly, increase profits.

Our cash discount credit card processing services provide businesses with a fast and efficient way to process payments as well as a significant cost reduction. Not to mention it comes with a FREE terminal. We use the latest technologies to ensure that all of your payments are securely processed and quickly.  The average account savings on this program is between $1000 to $2000 per month.  It's simple, legal in all US states, easy to implement, and merchants love it.  That's why 65% of all our accounts are on this program.

We are proud to offer our clients top class customer service, products, and secure payment processes. No matter the size or type of your business, we have products to accommodate the way you take payments.  We have got the latest products to accommodate your needs whether that is online, on the go, brick and mortar, or mobil credit card transactions. With Business PayTech, you no longer have to worry about how you take payments or your security.

Book today for a FREE 5 minute, no pressure questions and answer call and experience for yourself the our professional staff!

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