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We are a full service merchant account office. 

No need for multiple companies and managing different portals,

access your information from where ever you are in one portal.

Payment transaction access acroos all channels.



In Store Payments * Online Payment * Mobile Payments * Table Side * Payments Button * Omnichannel Payments 


Brick & Mortar


Streamlining and simplifying your credit card process with products that are designed to fit your brick-and-mortar business.

The goal is to layout your checkout so as to service your customers needs incorporating all that simplifies your checkout process.

With Corvid-19 in mind we can provide you with counter or wall mount terminals or POS systems which facilitate the payments without the need for staff to touch the cards.


You can accepting payments directly through your website, add a payment button, or simply use a hosted payments page.

Accepting payments has never been easier.  Now days you can be PCI compliant, take credit cards right from your website.  

Just setup an account, we will provide you with information for your website designer to plug into your website.

Payments buttons is a a simple inexpensive way to add the ability to accept credit card payments from an existing website by adding a link

Hosted payments page also works fairly simply to an existing website but is a link that redirects the check out process to a hosted payment form and payment gateway provided to you with the setup of a merchant account.




There are many instances where taking payments on the go is super helpful. 


If your a contractor looking to collect that job deposit, a catering business to accept payments during functions, deposits on bookings, etc.  Or many businesses have occasional events outside their place of business   Mobile payment accounts will work across different platform and work on both android and IOS systems whether is be a tablet or a cell phone.  There are many options available so you can easily get an account that will work with your existing equipment.


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Accept payments online for CBD

We are solution oriented and continue to educate ourselves to stay ahead of the curve and make available the most current of services all under one roof.

Need a merchant account for problem call us today and let's do this!

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Express Payments

Sometimes businesses need to manage cash flow and need to put their hands on cash now.  We offer exclusive "Express Payments" for a fee that will provide you a payout on your settled transactions almost instantaneously.  

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Surcharge Program

A surcharge is a small fee that is added to the cost of a transaction if the customer chooses to pay with a credit card. Surcharges are intended to cover the merchant's cost for processing the transaction.

Surcharging is allowed in 45 states in the United States. As of early 2021, only Colorado, Connecticut, Kansas, Massachusetts, and Puerto Rico, and Maine continue to prohibit surcharging.  


A surcharge is an extra fee, charge, or tax that is added on to the cost of a good or service, beyond the price.

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